The Objectives of Logosophy

Logosophy teaches the human being to know and understand themselves and to think freely by means of a process for human betterment that is eminently practical. This process uproots from one’s mind the things that inhibits it such as psychological deficiencies, apprehensions and prejudices. As a result, it promotes the development of the capabilities of learning, thinking, achieving, and feeling, which allow the person to transform themselves in a more dignified human being, more conscious and more useful to the society where they live. The main objectives of Logosophy are:

The conscious evolution of the human being, through the organization of their mental, sensitive and instinctive systems.

The knowledge of one´s self, which implies acquiring total control over the elements that constitute the secret concerning the existence of each one.

The incorporation of one´s spirit, so that the individual can use the values that belong to them, originating from their own inheritance.

The knowledge of the universal laws, essential to adjust one´s life to their wise principles.

The knowledge of the mental, transcendent or metaphysical world, source of all the ideas and thoughts that prolific human life.

The building of a new life and a better destiny, by improving to a maximum the common prerogatives.

The development and total control of the functions of studying, learning, teaching, thinking and achieving, which the logosophical method transubstantiate into individual aptitudes of incalculable value to the future pedagogy in the education of mankind.