The Logosophical Foundation is an institution created to make the important Logosophical objectives possible. It’s a privately-owned institution, without lucrative, political or religious goals. It has been recognized as a Public Service by several Governments, where its establishments are located, due the benefits that its teachings bring to the individual and to society.

Its cultural centers offer an experimental ground that is highly favorable to the study and practice of this new field of knowledge, since the logosophical method recommends – as a complement to the study and practice within one’s self – the study in groups, where it is possible a stimulated, inspired and positive exchange of opinion and the results thereof.

In an environment of affection and respect, people from all ages confirm the excellence of the logosophical teachings and develop a new humanism, capable of renewing the confidence in a better future. During the exchange of the points of view between students, each one apprehends the portion needed to complete their own studies and, consequently, supersede any difficulties in the comprehension of the thought that moved the logosophical teaching.

One can understand then, that the contribution of other scholars of this science, also allows for a better observation and examination of the advances made by the student, which, aside from supporting the exact valuation of one’s own merits, acts as a stimulus to the student.

It is precisely the Logosophical Foundation, better still, its cultural centers, where those attending find a unique atmosphere and a harmonious environment that allows for an improved understanding concerning the logosophical concept. Moreover, it is also an experimental ground for one’s own development, being the availability of the older students and scholars a great plus in the tutoring of the younger student of Logosophy. As the teachings become more effective and understood, due to the interchange of ideas and teamwork, the behavior evolves and becomes enhanced as a result of the teachings. Also, it becomes more secure, due to those that, spontaneously, help the ones that pledged improving his/her performance and conduct.


If you do not find a center next to you, please contact us to learn about distance information courses..