Carlos Bernardo González Pecotche,also known as Raumsol, the author of Logosophy, was born on August 11, 1901, in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Still young, he felt that he could create a new science and a method that would introduce new concepts, which were unfamiliar until then by both the Western and the Eastern cultures of the time. He conceived his work with a clear projection of the possibilities that it would open for humanity. He then brought back together people that had the same questions and apprehensions and were looking for ways different from the traditional and inoperative standards. The concepts developed by the author of Logosophy are entirely original. All that he teaches he, himself, investigated and tested in his own life.

In August 11, 1930, in the city of Cordoba, Argentina, he founded the first Logosophical Foundation. Afterwards he implemented the creation of many other logosophical centers of study in Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil, with the objective of divulging this original knowledge. From then on, he dedicated his entire life to the accomplishment of his work for human excellence, which is the main objective of the Logosophical Foundation. These first centers of study continued their expansion and today there are Cultural Centers of Logosophy in several countries.

Carlos Bernardo González Pecotche is the author on an extensive literary work; he wrote several books concerning Logosophy and was the editor of two magazines and a newspaper, committed in teaching and divulging logosophical knowledge. He gave more than a thousand conferences and classes in Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil. He maintained, during his life, extensive and comprehensive contact with scholars of Logosophy all over the world, as well as with intellectuals in South-America and Europe.

González Pecotche lived until April 4, 1963, leaving a work for human betterment that is still growing and expanding around the world.

Those who knew him testify to what he had often mentioned about himself and surely, constituted the most prominent trait of his genial pedagogic activity: Raumsol was the living example of everything he taught.