How should Logosophy be studied?

Logosophy is studied and practiced following the method specifically prescribed by this science. This method – essentially psychodynamic – prescribes individual study and practice, complemented by collective exchange and practice.

The individual study and practice comprises three stages which extend throughout one´s life, recurring in ascending progression. In its initial steps, it is thus specified:

1) 1) First stage: Consists of the interpretative study of the topics which make up the program, without the exclusion of other topics of interest. It begins with a general reading of the logosophical bibliography in order to obtain a general idea of the whole conception, which is reflected in these books. The next step is a thorough study of each topic comprised in the program, with precise directions concerning logosophical achievement. As the student gradually progresses in reading and delving into the topics, he will ask of himself what he has understood, and then will make note of it. This aspect of the process, which is documented for one’s own orientation, also contributes with great efficacy to the clarification of ideas and concepts.

2) 2) Second stage: Characterized by a greater concentration on studies, it has as its objective one’s conscious formation, based on the student’s observation of the oscillations of temperament, the factors which influence them, and so forth. The student must now penetrate deeper into the teaching of Logosophy, adding at this time to his training the application of the teachings to life in the many distinct areas in which he carries on the daily activities.

3) hird stage: Completes the cycle, and enables the mastery of cognitions and the creation of new aptitudes which are to be used for the benefit of one’s individual process of conscious evolution. It will be easy to understand that the logosophical maturity is attained – following one’s technical apprenticeship – when basic comprehensions of the teachings are elaborated and put to use in the experimental field of one’s life. Its correct application changes the teaching into cognition.

In the study and practice carried out collectively, the student’s comparison of his interpretations or comprehensions of the teachings with those achieved by other students of Logosophy, who are approximately on the same level of investigation, will permit him to verify whether its intelligence has perceived all of the aspects of the topic studied, or, at least, the more accessible ones. It follows then that individual study is, to a certain extent, inseparable from collective study.

How long does it take to study Logosophy? Are there any grades or graduation? Are there any age requirements?

One does not study Logosophy just by taking a course for a while. The duration of its study depends on each one’s objectives. The two main tasks to undertake are limitless: (1) the knowledge of oneself and (2) the process of the conscious evolution. Each step accomplished in both tasks is a step towards self-elevation and one’s own excellence. The logosophical study brings a motivation that is always renewing itself. This is due to the psychological progress, allowing the establishment of objectives that are each time more transparent and happier.

The logosophical science is the study of one’s own life, thus limitless. Consequently, it does not offer titles and one does not need ratings for their own study. At the logosophical cultural centers every student is directed towards the realization of an internal process of investigation that will allow the knowledge of one’s self and their own advancement.

People of all ages attend logosophical cultural centers. Clearly, as in any other activity or study, the sooner one starts its study and practice, better and faster are the results obtained.

How do I make contact with the Logosophical Foundation?

To know more about Logosophy you may contact the several Logosophical Cultural Centers around the world. These centers are part of the Logosophical Foundation.

Some countries have also a website for the local Logosophical Foundation. This site can give you the location of other logosophical schools in a particular country.

It is also interesting to note that you can participate on some of the activities open to the public and you may search for these activities in this site, or any other specific site of the Logosophical Foundation for each country. You may also send an e-mail, directly to the Logosophical Cultural Center that you want to visit.

If you cannot find the country you are looking for on this site or you do not have e-mail for contact, please use the Contact form to write us. An International Committee will attend you and send you more information about Logosophy to the place of your choice.

What is the difference between Logosophy to Psychology, Philosophy and political ideologies?

The logosophical study differs from the common one, as it should be done consciously, meaning, with the active participation of one´s conscience and with the defined purpose of improving one´s superior psychological qualities. It leads the person to a higher realization of one´s self, enlacing the whole life, with no sorrows or disappointments. Also, differs from the common studies because it is aimed at one’s own being, whilst the common or ordinary studies are for external use, thus of extra-individual application.

The logosophical knowledge has no points of reference with the common knowledge. The logosophical science is unique in its own way and projections, basing its cognitions in undisputed truths and irrefutable facts. This is the reason why it rejects any hypothesis and does not speculate, because it does not need of such resources to make itself clear. On the other hand, its affirmations are verified everyday by those that, for several years, acquire and take advantage of the logosophical knowledge.

Logosophy does not establish tribulations; in fact, each problem is solved individually because each human being is the entity who needs to solve their own problems and tribulations. In this manner, they will be also able to help other human beings to solve, by their own, their problems and apprehensions.

Is Logosophy a religion?

Logosophy is not a religion. Logosophy is a unique science that leads the individual in how to substitute believing by thinking and reasoning. Logosophy helps the person think and feel with entire freedom, favoring the suppression of the mental obstacles so harmful to the spiritual development of the human being.

Logosophy does not recommend believing in what you study, nor accepting it totally, no matter the affirmations seem unquestionable. Therefore, one should use experimentation and testing as secure basis towards knowledge. The objective is that each one be their own developer of thoughts and verifies by themselves the truth and the reality. This is only possible by researching and experimenting within one’s own life.